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Our Story

Copyright 2014. Spectacle a FokasVision Corp. All rights reserved. all starts when little "beach" girl grows up, becomes an optician....years pass and optician beach girl meets boy at “the beach”....girl and boy fall in love....girl and boy marry....girl buys her 1st optical store....boy works wall street...girl and boy have baby boy...greatest feeling in the world....boy leaves wall street...goes back to school, becomes optician....girl and boy decide to open 2nd location...girl is his boss...boy doesn't boy grows to be little boy....girl, boy and little boy, love “the beach”, go every summer...girl, boy and now, little bit bigger boy, decide to open 3rd location, you guessed it, at “the beach”...girl feels like she's coming back opens....exciting. fun. ready for the challenge...our story, just beginning...oh and then, there is Kingston, our french bulldog….
come in. meet us. add to our story.  tell us yours.  we have the knowledge, experience. dedication, we love what we do.  and you will too.  let us help you see great. let us help you look great. you're new look can be simple. it can be bold. it can just be yourself. but with our help, your new look will be Spectacular!…..


spectacle:    spec·ta·cle     ˈspektəkəl/ noun noun: spectacle; plural noun: spectacles a) a visually striking performance or display. spectacular. b) an event or scene regarded in terms of its visual impact.synonyms:.

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